There are many probable explanations in scientific treatises for my two fold nature. Some may say that a few neurotransmitters are missing the mark as they leap across the microscopic vastness of synapses and collide with others as they travel the circuits of the cortex. Undoubtedly there are also many psychologistical opinions on the subject ranging from mild schizophrenia to something more Victorian such as dementia. However, being a Gemini, I am rather attracted to the idea that this duplicity is the result of the planetary conjunctions on the day I was born. Consequently, I sometimes come and go at the same time: love ya hate ya is easy, two houses is understandable, having twins is unforgettable, two divorces was not; so on and so forth in couplets including the fact that I am fully bilingual and bi-cultural. This last fact may explain why some of  my emotions are better expressed in Spanish or in English.


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